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Design + Installation

Your sales representative is an expert in cabinet design and will take great care in guiding you through the design and installation process. The items below are generally performed outside the scope of Aura Cabinetry‚Äôs services, unless prearranged by you and your salesperson, and require special attention by the customer to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. Other services performed by subcontractors such as plumbing, electrical, framing, sheetrock, painting, and any other scope of work outside what is described here is not performed by Aura Cabinetry's installers.

Tear-Out of Old Cabinetry

Aura Cabinetry does not provide a service for demolition or disposal of old cabinetry. Your contractor will be able to provide you with this service. Aura Cabinetry requires that all old cabinetry be removed and that a clear space is ready for our installers. If the old cabinetry is not removed at the time of installation, rescheduling will be based upon our availability.

Countertops, Flooring Surfaces & Appliances

Aura Cabinetry does not provide countertop surfaces at this time. Our installers will prepare the tops of our cabinets based on the countertop surfaces that you choose. Your representative must know the countertop surface for each room before the final order is placed so that we can be sure to direct our installers to install the correct sub-decking material. If you choose to wait until after cabinet installation, our installers can be hired at a field labor rate per hour to install sub-decking.

The flooring you choose is essential to the success of your new custom cabinetry because in many instances it dictates how tall Aura Cabinetry builds your cabinetry. Your representative will need to know the flooring type for each room before the final order is placed (Vinyl, Tile, Hardwood, etc.). Aura Cabinetry cannot be held responsible for any damage done to a finished floor during installation. Aura Cabinetry will supply quarter round base shoe moulding to be applied to the cabinet toe kicks after flooring installation is complete. If finished floors are completed, Aura Cabinetry will install the base shoe moulding at your request. If finished floors are not completed, prefinished base shoe moulding will be left at the jobsite for others to install.

Selecting your appliances and sinks are an essential part of designing your made-to-order cabinetry. All of your appliances must be selected prior to the generation of final paperwork and production of your cabinetry. Aura Cabinetry does not connect, disconnect or relocate any plumbing, or electrical work or any appliance under any circumstances.

Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

Your sales representative has access to thousands of different types of cabinet knobs and pulls. Please ask your representative for assistance in sourcing your hardware. If you choose to purchase the cabinet hardware outside of Aura Cabinetry, a sample must be provided prior to the final quality inspection phase of your project so the cabinetry may be drilled for the hardware at the factory. Aura Cabinetry will install most knobs or pulls as part of your installation; however, if the knobs or pulls are not purchased through Aura Cabinetry or provided prior to installation, Aura Cabinetry installers will not return to the job site as part of the initial installation fee to install the hardware. Aura Cabinetry does have a field labor rate per hour, including driving time for installation of cabinet hardware.

Delivery of Your Custom Cabinetry

Your sales representative will be in contact with you constantly about the delivery date and installation date of your cabinetry. These two dates may differ to accommodate changes in the installation schedule; however, you will be informed of any changes and always have a say in what works best for you. Please inform your sales representative of any special circumstances that may affect our delivery and installation of your cabinetry. 

For the safety of our employees and to prevent any unnecessary occurrences at the job site, we request that a clear path be made for both our delivery drivers and installers. Please provide a direct a path as is possible, avoiding stairs and tight corners whenever feasible. Any additional information you supply prior to delivery or installation is greatly appreciated. We will provide our employees with the most specific instructions possible to ensure a safe passageway between our vehicles and your home. Delivery-only orders are strictly unloaded into garages only. If a clear pathway to the house does not exist, the garage is not accessible, or our delivery supervisor assesses the jobsite as unsafe to our employees, rescheduling will be based upon our availability.

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