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Aura Cabinetry Ten Year Limited Warranty

Aura Cabinetry hereby warrants to the original homeowner, for residential applications only, that all cabinets and accessories manufactured and sold by Aura Cabinetry are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten years from the date that Aura Cabinetry cabinets are professionally installed in your home. These warranties are only applicable to product used in residential applications and are not transferable to subsequent owners. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of the defective part at the discretion of Aura Cabinetry and does not include labor for removal or replacement. This warranty does not extend to defects caused by improper handling, storage, installation, assembly or disassembly, intentional damage, product modifications, exposure to the elements including humidity which may result in warping or splitting, accidental misuse, abuse or negligence.

These warranties shall become void if Aura Cabinetry’s products are misused, abused, mishandled, improperly stored, changed, modified, subjected to extreme temperatures or extreme moisture levels, acts of God or the effects of normal wear and tear. These warranties do not apply to cabinetry ordered unfinished or installed by anyone other than Aura Cabinetry’s installers or other accredited professional. The following are characteristics that may or may not apply to your custom cabinets:

  • Solid “Slab” Doors and Drawer Fronts

Aura Cabinetry exercises great care in the selection of the woods used in our "Slab" door and drawer style offerings. The characteristics of doors and drawers constructed of solid wood must be clearly understood to avoid subsequent claims which cannot be resolved. The construction of slab doors and drawers is achieved through the curing of wood staves glued together to form solid panels, thus a “slab” door or drawer is actually the combination of several visually distinct pieces of wood combined to form one larger piece.

As a matter of course, it should be understood that all wood species are sensitive to temperature and moisture, and as changes in those conditions occur, wood changes also. It is the nature of solid panel doors and drawers to react to climactic changes through "movement". This inherent characteristic will show itself through shrinkage or enlargement. The solid wood construction of "Slab" doors and drawers does not allow for man-made techniques to be applied curtailing this natural reaction to temperature and moisture changes. In the event that movement occurs, the doors and drawer fronts will misalign before, during, or after installation. This natural reaction is beyond Aura Cabinetry's realm of control and is subject to individual climactic conditions. Due to this characteristic, Aura Cabinetry will not warrant "Slab" doors and drawers that react to changes in temperature or moisture. A twist or warp of 1/16” per foot is not considered a defect under this guarantee.

  • Glass Shelving

Aura Cabinetry supplies only ¼” thick tempered glass for glass shelving. Aura Cabinetry orders this glass with “no bug” to remove the stamp put on the tempered glass by the manufacturer. Tempered glass is used for shelving for safety reasons as well as to enhance the strength of the glass. Aura Cabinetry does not guarantee that shelves will be held captive inside the cabinet due to differing construction requirements involved in the manufacture of custom cabinetry. The customer should inspect all glass shelving and inserts to be sure that they do not pose a slipping hazard, in addition to checking for cracks or scratches. The slipping of shelves could cause the glass to slide forward, or towards the back of the cabinet. Due to the wide variety of hardware available, Aura Cabinetry does not supply locking hardware for glass shelves.

  • Rustic (Knotty) Woods

To achieve a large degree of authenticity within the "Rustic" theme, Aura Cabinetry selects materials that are normally rejected from contemporary themed cabinetry because knots and other aesthetic “defects” bring their own “Rustic” character and beauty. The aspects intrinsic to "Rustic" wood species include, but are not limited to, open surface knots (that do not affect structural integrity), pin knots, gum spots, pitch pockets, mineral streaks, extreme grain and color variation, heartwood and sapwood. The location, size and quantity of these features are allowed as they naturally occur within the mineral. Aura Cabinetry utilizes both solid and veneered wood materials in its products. Due to normal variations in the density and graining of wood itself, the same stain applied to another piece of the same wood specie may result in a somewhat different appearance. This variation can be greater when comparing solid wood to veneers. Additionally, wood species in all finishes will exhibit color changes when exposed to all types of light (natural and man-made). It is the general nature of wood to darken over time. Manufacturing and finishing processes do not hinder or retard this natural characteristic. Color variations are also caused by the assortment of minerals found in the earth in which the tree was grown. The level of mineral absorption will vary in any given piece of wood. All wood species will exhibit the following attributes; sap runs, knots and pinholes. These characteristics will occur in varying degrees dependent upon the type of wood specie selected.

  • Environmental Conditions

Due to wood’s organic composition, it can be reactive to changes in temperature and/or humidity. Large and/or rapid variations in these conditions will result in a material reaction that can consist of, but is not limited to, the following; warping, expansion, contraction, splitting, checking, discoloration, separation at the joints and decomposition of the adhesives and finish materials used in product fabrication. Ideally, Aura Cabinetry product should be kept in an environment of moderate temperature and humidity. Failure to do so may void product warranty.

Some trees vary in color from shades of white, pink, green, gray and black. Some have even grain patterns; others can be quite wild. Some have worm tracks and pitch marks and mineral streaks. Some absorb stain readily; others practically refuse to absorb. Some tend to get darker and some considerably darker (especially Cherry) as time passes.

Aura Cabinetry uses only the finest hardwoods available. Because no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, there may be slight variations in color. The differences in the grain and patterns add to the natural beauty the solid woods and veneers give. All hardwoods may contain some pin knots, which add to the natural beauty of the wood. Cherry and maple occasionally have mineral streaks that could be darker when stained.

  • Painted Cabinetry and Unfinished Cabinetry

Aura Cabinetry maintains specific environmental conditions within our finishing facilities that ensure our products are sealed correctly to meet our quality standards. This said, seams will still expand and contract, and solid wood may swell and warp as a result of fluctuating environmental conditions at the delivery destination. Aura Cabinetry shall not be liable for this natural process when products are ordered with a painted finish. Small hairline cracks and blemishes at door and face frame joinery locations and all mouldings will be noticeable. These blemishes and cracks at the joinery locations are natural occurrences and are unpredictable in nature and can not be warranted as a defect. These hairline cracks will not weaken the finish, but they may be visible.

Based on your preference, painted finishes will be applied to solid wood and veneer surfaces. Paint Grade hardwood is a combination of fine grain wood. Some “telegraphing” will occur. Aura Cabinetry offers hand applied finishes, including; glazing, distressing, over sanding and rub through. Aura Cabinetry will try to reproduce the finish as close to the sample as possible; however, you should expect variations in the amount of hang up and variations in the color tone. Aura Cabinetry has specific procedures and processes for these standards, but it should be noted that these are hand crafted finishes and some variations will occur and are considered acceptable.

In the case of unfinished cabinetry, the wood is liable to acclimate to the environment at different rates that fall outside our quality standards after the cabinetry has arrived at its destination. This said, seams may expand and contract, and solid wood may swell and warp as a result. Aura Cabinetry will not be liable for this natural process when products are ordered unfinished. Aura Cabinetry does not offer a warranty for the painted finish for orders delivered in an unfinished state.

Aura Cabinetry recommends that customers who desire painted cabinetry have the cabinets painted on-site, after installation by a professional painter. There is no way to replicate the conditions of our finishing facility in your home. Some degree of touch-up will be required after all installations, and in order to achieve the best finish possible, we suggest an on-site finish. This is with good reasoning: First, in locations that must have materials cut on-site (such as mitered joints in crown moulding) Aura Cabinetry installers will be unable to caulk, putty, or paint the prefinished materials without it being noticed. Second, the painted material used at Aura Cabinetry cannot be exposed to caulking without failure from expansion and contraction. The material used by on-site finishers can be applied over caulking and therefore results in a more consistent and resilient finish. Additionally, center door panels cannot be caulked and are therefore exposed easily to water damage. An on-site finish is much more capable of defending against normal wear and tear and moisture.

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